What this is all about


I am starting this blog for a couple of following reasons:

– To monitor my own progress and understanding of financial markets and technicalities;

– To follow and compress never ending news feed from around the globe (this involves posting what I think is important, which means i can be very wrong);

– To ponder some of my positions and inner thoughts on the whole process.

For starters i will be watching only these markets:

– USA stock market;

– Europe stock market;

– Japan stock market;

– Major Forex pairs;

This blog will follow only macro trends.

And i have to say that most of the time it will contain re-post and copies of information from other sources, but in a compressed manner and rarely will i post my own insights.

That is all for now.


My blog will be divided into 3 different segments:

1. News covering (Segment’s name – “Current date”. News);

2. Re-writing newly learned technicalities and knowledge about financial markets (Segment’s name – “N period”. Technicalities);

3. My thought process about trading positions, expectations and scenarios (Segment’s name – “Current date”. Thoughts).


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